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Worth the Points

An impressive but flawed game

The first thing that I noticed when I played Oozi: Earth Adventure was that the artwork had a level of polish that is rarely seen when you trawl the ocean of Indie titles on Xbox Live. It invoked a setting not dissimilar to Ubisoft's original Rayman from the old 32-bit era of games with its colorful sprites, lush backgrounds with multiple levels of parallax scrolling, charmingly animated characters, and some of the tightest controls I've ever used in an Xbox platforming game. Oozi starts with one simple action (jump), but by the end of the game he will have access to a stable of platform game standards like the double-jump and the ever-popular butt-slam. Graphical flourishes such as sparkling after-images of the stars that Oozi collects and camera zoom while he is in confined spaces are often overlooked by the Indie developer community, but are here nonetheless.

Oozie: Earth Adventure is not without its rough spots, however. The levels do not vary much graphically (you will see the same elements repeated), nor do they typically vary much in play pattern. There are only a few enemy types, and as you progress you will find yourself predicting where they will be without disappointment or surprise. While the level of difficulty increases gradually, experienced gamers will not find the challenge they have come to expect from the current crop of 2D games on the market. While Oozi does get upgrades as the levels progress, there are no power-ups to speak of outside of points, and this makes the game seem more basic and routine than it needs to be. If you're playing the game on a standard television, be prepared to squint and scratch your head while you attempt to decipher the tiny, tiny text.

Most curious, though, is the almost total lack of sound. Enemies are strangely mute, environmental noise is sparse, Oozi's few lines are annoying and not on par with the quality of the graphics, and (worst of all) there are only a few mellow songs in the game, and one of them is a sample that will loop the same ten seconds repeatedly until the track's ten minute runtime ends, at which time it will start over again, ad nauseam.

Despite this, I believe that the game is a bargain at 80 points; It's quick, it's flawed, but it's one heck of a good effort, and it can only get better from here. Think of your purchase as an investment in the future of this talented developer!

Oozi: Earth Adventure Episode 1

  • Oozi: Earth Adventure Episode 1
  • This game is a classic-style 2D platformer by developer Marcin Draszczuk.
  • Price: 80 Points
  • Genre: action
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    7.0 (Editors: 7.0)
  • platform single player


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