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Not Worth the Points

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Ice 9 is a terrible game. If a developer isn't going to put much effort into producing their game, I don't see why I should mince words and give a lengthy review. All the menus and game screens are pretty much straight out of the XNA tutorial kits. The gameplay itself is "original" but awful.

Balls spew out from the middle of a circle, and you have to "catch" them with ships locked to the outer circumference. Your left thumbstick maps directly to the location of your "ships" (think breakout paddles) on the circle. The word "maps" is important here, because "moves" would've been the expected outcome. Instead of pressing left or right to move your ships left or right, holding the thumbstick to the right moves your ship to the right of the circle.

Because movement is so awkward, even on the easiest difficulty setting the game is ridiculously hard. It doesn't matter, though, as there's no reason whatsoever to do "what you're supposed to do." After trying to catch the little balls for a couple of levels, I found that by just spinning the left thumbstick as fast as possible I could "catch" all of the circles with no difficulty or thought whatsoever. If not for my thumb getting tired, I likely could've played forever. Don't waste your time or points on this one.

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I must be a better spinner, then. On easy, I could only survive until level 5 or 6 while playing the game as intended. Spinning like crazy, I could get up to 10 or 11 or so (almost doubling the original "high scores" in the table, which I assumed would be a benchmark for a good score) before thumb fatigue struck. The main trick for spinning seemed to be spinning in the same direction the little ice pellets were releasing.

Spinning really only works up to level 7 or 8 IIRC, then you just get irritated that you can't control yourself to actually play. Assuming you WANT to play.

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