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Not Worth the Points

Jungle Themed Breakout Wannabe

The best thing about Jungle Blocks is the cute little Aztec/Mayan-themed background. The gameplay, like the rest of the game, is completely unremarkable. Collision on the paddle is pretty weak (I often "hit" on the edges only to have the ball fall through), but it hardly matters. Taking out the bricks above works in a simple combo routine--the more blocks you hit between successive paddle hits, the more each of those blocks is worth. You get infinite lives, and the only penalty for dying is a small point reduction. There are several music tracks, none of which seem to loop. One will end rather abruptly, only to have another come in to take its place.

There are 10 levels, though you can't choose which one you want to play. After loading up the game, you'll start on Level One and play through to Level 10. There are no screens in between levels--as soon as you clear the bricks from one level it will immediately load the next. Individual high scores are kept for each level, but for some bizarre reason all scores are shown on the same high score table. It's easier on some levels to get insanely high combos, so basically you get a high score table for one level and the other scores are just thrown into the abyss. 

Skip Jungle Blocks altogether and go straight to bricks4ever if you're feeling the need for some Breakout action--they're both 80 points, and bricks4ever is actually a pretty great game.

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