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We love games. More than that, we love indie games. When the XBox Live Arcade Community Games store opened, we were stoked. Within a week, there were already over fifty games up for grabs. With all the games pouring in, we saw a need that wasn't being filled very well by the games store: ratings and reviews. The featured writers here all play a ton of games anyway, and some of them are pretty handy at the whole programming and design things... so we figured why the hell not?

It turns out we were right. The name has changed to Indie Games, but most of the community-built games are total crap. If something isn't done to separate the wheat from the chaff, independent developers are going to lose a great revenue stream. The games would still be great for sharing homebrew creations with friends, but unless we can isolate and promote the truly great indie games the entire experiment is going to be a total wash. Microsoft is doing its part with the new ratings and lower price points, but we as a development community have to come together even more truly single out the best games.

XBox Live Indie Games Reviews