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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worth the Points?

Worth the Points is primarily a review blog for Indie Games on XBLA. Eventually, we hope to be a community surrounding Indie Games (makes sense, right?) where our users also contribute reviews.

I thought you did XBox Live Arcade Community Game Reviews... what's all this "Indie" talk?

Microsoft recently renamed the Community Games "Indie Games" to try to give them a little more exposure. Same thing.

I don't see a news section. Do you guys have a blog or something?

We'll probably add more sections to the site (news, game previews, etc), but in the mean time the best place to look for updates is SimianLogic's personal blog (he does all the back end stuff and occasionally rants about XNA).

Why do some of the games on the site have no reviews?

Most likely those are games we're planning on reviewing soon. We thought about just hiding the games without reviews, but hopefully having them public will encourage users to rate games.

Will you guys review my game?

Contact us and let us know about your game a little bit, and most likely we'll add it to our queue. We'll do our best to honor all requests. Sending us the ccgame file is a pretty good way to guarantee a review, as we'll get to play it for free. =]

Are you guys turning a profit off of this?

Not really. We've spent countless hours working on the back end of this thing, and then pour real cash into buying games to review. If this thing ever goes cash-flow positive, I'm sure there will be a post about it in the news section (if we add one).

Featured games are just that--games that we like, and therefore decide to feature.

Make a game that kicks ass!

Doesn't that SimianLogic guy make his own games? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

You bet (if he didn't, this site wouldn't exist). Actually, he's currently hard at work on Filler for the XBox. And you can bet your ass of it's going to go in the featured games section. He's pretty good at blasting other people's games, but we're not going to let him review his own game.

I found a bug.

That's not question, but we'll answer it anyway. Find the user named 'bugs' and leave a comment. Or just email

Can I request a feature?

Sure. Email with any feedback or suggestions.

XBox Live Indie Games Reviews