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Ever want to watch your Xbox Live Avatar plummet helplessly through the air and smash into things? Well now you can in the humorously cruel new game "Avatar Drop"! You and your friends can experience the side-splitting hilarity of watching your digital alter-egos bump, scream and crash their way through random obstacles.

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Avatar Drop

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Avatar Drop

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Ragdoll Plinko Never Hurt Anyone (Important)

Avatar Drop is a campy little ragdoll physics game that has bravely ventured out of its natural habitat in Wii-ville all the way to XBLIG. Though this title seems a little thin on content, even by indie game standards, what it does offer- a free-falling, pinballing, plinko-style adventure- is fairly enjoyable if you've got a few friends hanging around. The premise of this title is pretty straightforward; You and three of your best human or...

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