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Take control of a lone tank, and shoot your way to victory against impossible odds! Features addictive gameplay, Global Scoreboards (for GOLD members), Awardments, local and LIVE multiplayer, and endless replayability!

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Awesome Tank

  • Price: 400 Points
  • Genre: action
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by savamizz

Awesome Tank

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Bomberman Light- Less Gameplay, No Carbs

Awesome Tank is a 2.5-ish-D tank maze/shooter that proclaims to have (straight from the game description),“endless replayability”. I present the following to the jury as evidence of the aforementioned claim: all levels are based on the square grids with the exact same dimensions; all levels have the same scattered powerups (speed, bullet speed, ammo capacity, random point-awarding green dots); all levels consist of your one (1) tank versus many (lots) of other tanks; all levels...

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