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One of the most addictive puzzle games on the net is now available for your Xbox 360. This award-winning game offers three different modes of play and hours of addictive fun! Play alone, battle the computer, or compete with friends in Party Mode!

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Bop N' Pop!

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  • Genre: puzzle
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Bop N' Pop!

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Prepare for Popping Blood Vessels

Ever since the U.N.'s binding “Tetris for Peace” resolution singlehandedly ended the Cold War and spared us from nuclear annihilation, puzzle games have exploded onto handhelds, consoles and browsers in an attempt to capture the wallets and minds of the masses. The 'falling block' concept has seen more than its share of prospective heirs to the throne, including: Dr. Mario, Columns, Yoshi, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and Lumines. While each iteration has attempted to...

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