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Movement is restricted but weaponry is not. Bounce bullets off walls and use your shield to deflect incoming projectiles, but be warned, every bullet that you fire could bounce around and kill you. This is Bullet Trap. Take on 50 levels yourself or try working co-operatively with a friend. Try not to kill yourself, or each other, unless your playing one of the 12 Vs arena's of course.

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Bullet Trap

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by SimianLogic

Bullet Trap

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This Game Kicks Ass

I couldn't think of a wittier way to say "this game kicks ass," so the title says it all. Bullet Trap is a dual-stick arcade shooter with spot-on retro stylings. Unlike other dual-stick shooters which allow free-roaming, Bullet Trap locks your movement to predefined nodes. It's not a rail shooter, though, as the combat takes place within the confines of one arena at a time. The right analog stick fires bullets while the left stick...

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