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There is a collapse at the San Marino Mines! Join the Miner Rescue Team to save the trapped miners before it is too late. Explore 80 dangerous puzzle-filled levels in this addictive 3D adventure.

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CaveIn - Miner Rescue Team

  • Price: 400 Points
  • Genre: puzzle adventure
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by SimianLogic

CaveIn - Miner Rescue Team

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A Welcome Rescue From Bad Community Games

In Cave In: Miner Rescue, you play as a Bob the Builder-looking miner on a quest to rescue other trapped miners. The gameplay revolves around a mixture of several classic 2D game mechanics (match-3, sokoban, snood, mazes) all projected into 3D. For the most part, you wander around and push boulders into place. Walking into them will slide them one grid-space and pressing 'A' will "kick" the boulder all the way until it hits something...

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