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Fight your way to the glorious Grand Master title! Colosseum features a 6-level singleplayer-campaign and five different 1-4 player local multiplayer game modes, four of which can be enjoyed in teams. Take your time to master each of the four different fighting styles and their combos, picking up some new threads for your characters along the way. This is Colosseum. Enjoy!

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  • Genre: fighting action
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I am an admitted hack n' slash addict. Carving up peons with massive attack chains and running around with an insatiable bloodlust while wielding weapons of cartoonishly preposterous proportions is my absolute favorite gaming past time. Dynasty Warriors, God of War, Ninety-Nine Nights and Devil May Cry have all sapped countless hours of my life away as I crushed villages, cities, countries, orcs, hell spawn, historical figures and various ancient deities. So when I played...

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