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Do you love firecrackers, explosions and also more firecrackers? Yaystuff brings you what you HIGH DEF. All firecrackers contained within are genuine, real explosions. Chemicals were combined, ignited and are now no longer with us so that YOU could bring the action home for the new year!

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Firecracker HD

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by savamizz

Firecracker HD

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There's No Substitute For the Real Thing.

Firecracker HD is yet another entry in that obscure, 'is it a game/is it an app/is it a screensaver/what the hell would you categorize this as, exactly?' genre-that-isn't-definitive-enough to be called a 'genre'. I certainly appreciate the concept of the game; Blowing up shit for no apparent reason is approximately the second most manly thing one can hope to accomplish in life, right behind singlehandedly culling an overpopulated herd of bison with a pointy stick...

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