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TripleBGames presents Fitba, a football game that's not afraid to take risks. Twin stick gameplay gives total control by separating passing and movement for the first time. Create and customise your own teams, take them online and challenge your mates.Tired of the same old annual re-hashed football games? Give Fitba a go.Nae Arms, Nae Legs, Nae Worries!

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  • Genre: sports
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Tecmo Bowl-ish Footie Action

When I started playing Fitba, I thought maybe someone made a mistake and accidentally developed a Wii game for the 360. Everything is very arcadey/cartoonish, especially the characters, who abide by the game's motto: “nae arms, nae legs, nae worries.” In fact, if you happened to see a screenshot of this game, you'd be more than likely to assume that it was the soccer segment of Wii Sports Vol. 2. Obviously, this game isn't contending...

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