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The world is under siege by evil forces. It is up to you alone or teamed with a partner to save humanity in this fast-pasted, action/platform shooting extravaganza. Do you have what it takes to complete 100 levels of non-stop excitement and prove that good can triumph over evil? And when you're done saving the world, relax with up to 4 players in all-out battle mode for galactic bragging rights.

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Focus Should Be On Gameplay, Not More Levels

Timing-wise, I picked a pretty good day to review Nasty--which I downloaded and tried out this morning. When I sat down to do the review, there was a press-release in my inbox announcing it had been updated: The 1.5 update to Nasty features several tweaks to gameplay and new weapons that promise to make Nasty a more fun, more action packed experience. Many of these changes were made to address concerns gamers had about the...

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