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As the Ninja Guardian of Earth it is your duty to protect the planet from "Evil Samurai Warlord", an evil samurai warlord bent on destroying the Earth's natural beauty. Ninja must jump on platforms and attack his enemies to propel himself upward and confront his nemesis.

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Ninja Guardian

  • Price: 240 Points
  • Genre: action
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Ninja Guardian

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Tiny Ninja Jump Attack Go!

Ninja Guardian is a lot like Machiavelli's Ascent (which we reviewed here), only with Ninjas. And smaller. The game screens are each divided into three panes, each textured to look like canvas. When not in use (i.e. a game screen or some sort of message), each screen sports a Hiroshige-styled Japanese landscape painting. While playing the game, the center 1/3rd of the screen acts as a platforming bounce-field. Depending on the level or game mode,...

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