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On A Roll is a platform game in which you control a multi-coloured spotted ball with eyes (don't ask) that has to travel across 16 levels of increasing difficulty over four unique graphical themes. Collect the protective stars and power-ups as you go - you'll need them if you're to contend with pits of spikes, enemy striped balls, four end-of-theme bosses, and lots more nasties!

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On A Roll

  • Price: 80 Points
  • Genre: adventure
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    3.5 (Editors: 3.5)
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On A Roll

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Got a Flat

On a Roll is a basic Sonic the Hedgehog sendup. You play as a rolling ball tasked with finding your way through sixteen levels of enemy balls, spikes, and Sonic-like terrain. You collect stars of various values (rings) on your way through to protect you from harm--every time you hit spikes or an enemy ball, you cough up 100 stars. Don't have 100 stars? You lose a life. Don't have a life? Game over and...

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