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Your planet is orbiting into certain doom at the center of the solar system. Build rockets to pilot your people to the safety of nearby planets. Beware of asteroids and alien invaders who use a death ray to destroy the people on your planet. Use nukes to clear asteroids and aliens from your path. Keep an eye out for power-ups, and use nukes to take them down and reap the benefits.

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Planet Crashmania 9,000,000

  • Price: 200 Points
  • Genre: action
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    7.9 (Editors: 7.8)
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Planet Crashmania 9,000,000

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Hot Spinning Action

Despite the ridiculous title, Planet Crashmania 9,000,000 is actually a lot of fun. You play as the entire race of a doomed planet, locked in a slowly decaying orbit that will ultimately plunge you into either a sun or a black hole (depending on the level). Luckily, another suitable planet (or several) is within reach, if you can manage to make it through marauding aliens and orbiting asteroid debris. Gameplay boils down to two options--either...

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