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Customize your Arbiter Class Shardtank on the fly as you fight your way through the Shardscape. Take on each Shardplane and its denizens in the order you choose to, and even merge Shardplanes for greater challenges. Complete missions that reward you with new ways to outfit your tank. The unique Shard system opens up a plethora of different weapon, level, and enemy combinations.

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Shardscape Assault

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  • Genre: action
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by SimianLogic

Shardscape Assault

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Ambitious, but Can't Overcome the WTF Factor

When I'm reviewing a game, I have a pretty high tolerance for things that make me say, "WTF?" With Shardscape Assault, I went so far past my WTF-limit that future games will be rated on a WTF scale of 1 to Shardscape Assault. The game opens with an unskippable text intro sequence, with a single line of text appearing at a time. While it's nice to see that some thought went into the backstory, I could...

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