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Offering a unique spin on the puzzle game genre, Shellblast HD tasks you with becoming a bomb disposal expert in order to rid the world of terrorism. Play through the 50+ level campaign or test your skills in Free Play modes such as Endurance, Puzzled and the addictive Shelldrop. Create your own bombs in the Simulation Chamber or Blast Editor to tackle the challenges you want.

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Shellblast HD

  • Price: 400 Points
  • Genre: puzzle
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Shellblast HD

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Bastard Child of Minesweeper and Sudoku

Shellblast is kind of like a cross between Sudoku (where columns have to tally) and Minesweeper. Each bomb is a puzzle with randomly placed "pistons" which must be properly identified in order to diffuse the thing. Though the game is played on a grid, each puzzle uses a different "shape" for its bomb. Though there's no real difference between a tile which isn't used in the puzzle and one which is used in the puzzle...

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