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Ever wished you could surf inside an oscilloscope? Well now you can! Play sin(Surfing) now with this 360 version of the TIGSource Procedural Generation Compo entry by twohalf and Sifu Peng!

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  • Genre: sports
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The bastard offspring of Tony Hawk and Ski Free

Sin(Surfing) is simply more addictive than a day-after-Easter Peeps sale for a sugar junkie. As you're hypnotized by the ebb and flow of the oscilloscope, the vibrant hues of the background and the rhythm of a mellow, “arcadey” soundtrack, you might almost think that you're watching a really sweet screen saver. Honestly, that's a fitting description. There isn't anything particularly complex about sin(Surfing)- from its Atari-era graphics to its 3-button control scheme- and that's the...

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