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Cooperative arcade puzzle game for 1-4 Local players. 100 Maps, all with full coop support. Easy to learn. Simple controls. Work together as goods keeps dropping in. Organize stored goods to save both time and well needed space. Plan ahead, and make sure ordered deliveries are out in time.

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Storage Inc

  • Price: 400 Points
  • Genre: puzzle
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    10.0 (Editors: 10.0)
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Storage Inc

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Puttin' the 'Hip' Back into 'Shipping'

Lately, the perplexing trend in casual games involves turning repetitive, nondescript, and otherwise mundane (or completely shitty) real-life jobs into games that somehow, people seem to enjoy. Seriously, there's a captive audience that just fucking LOVES tending fake farms, flipping virtual burgers, running imaginary sweatshops and feeding digital fish. Ok, I made one of those up. Well, I mean, it doesn't exist... yet. But I digress.   Anyways, in such a bizarro gaming environment, I...

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