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Track Architect allows you to play and create your own tracks. With 16 editable built-in tracks and a simple yet powerful editor, the only limit is your imagination. The game uses the brilliant Farseer Physics Engine and the music from Kevin MacLeod to create a fantastic experience. So do not miss this opportunity to create your own tracks and challenge your friends.

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Track Architect

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Track Architect

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The Little Hoopty That Could

Track Architect is a simple game that brings simple fun, much like a tiny wind-up car you might snag at a dollar store. The graphics are pretty basic and unexciting, the background music is initially catchy but gets a bit redundant after about five minutes, and your adorable clunker only faces left-to-right as it travels across the screen. Yet despite this rather mundane description, there is an innocent charm to this game- the kind of...

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