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TRINO, an evolving alien, must escape the NANITES, an insidious nano-robot swarm, that have imprisoned trino for his powers! Use TRINO's powerful TRIANGLE TRAP to defeat the Nanites and break free from their Laser Prison! Evade, outsmart and destroy over 10 types of deadly enemies! Evolve for more power! Over 40 challenging levels! Live scoreboard! Save trino! Only on xbox community games!

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  • Price: 400 Points
  • Genre: action
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Tadpoles and Triangle Strips

In Trino, you assume the role of a tadpole-like swimming critter trapped in a polygonal cage. Other, meaner critters are unaffected by the boundaries, though, and colliding with one will cost you a life. Your only line of defense is your ability to create triangle strips. For those of you who don't do graphics programming, here's what Wikipedia has to say: A triangle strip is a series of connected triangles, sharing vertices, allowing for faster...

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