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Veks and Silence is an action packed 2D side-scrolling zombie shooting adventure! Take control of "Silence" in his quest to destroy hordes of zombies and other undead creatures on an adventure that spans 13 levels. This incredible game contains a variety of fun weapons and features beautiful 3D graphics.

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Veks and Silence

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Veks and Silence

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Cream of the Zombie-Obliterating Crop

If the year was 1993, there is not even the slightest chance in hell that you could purchase this game for a measly $5. You would gladly shell out $40-50 from your hard-earned lawnmowing income for the chance to play this exhilarating, superbly-polished platform shooter into the wee hours of the morning on your Sega Genesis. Veks & Silence is my current nomination for best XBLIG ever created, especially when it comes to overall production...

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