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Get ready for some kart racing! Gather up to 4 players for Grand Prix, Versus Racing, and Battle Mode. Or play Time Trial and set up to 10 top times for 16 different tracks, and share your best times over XBox LIVE!

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Wacky Karts

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by SimianLogic

Wacky Karts

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Like Playing The Shadow of Mario Kart

It's actually a little unfortunate that Nintendo has set the bar so monumentally high in the "kart racing" genre--any casual racing game will inevitably be compared to the Mario Kart franchise and most likely lose. Wacky Karts has everything you'd expect from a retro Mario Kart clone: a variety of "karts" (each driven by different large-headed characters with different speed/acceleration/handling attribute), a campy soundtrack, a grand prix mode, time trials, and a battle mode. The...

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