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Worth the Points

Cream of the Zombie-Obliterating Crop

If the year was 1993, there is not even the slightest chance in hell that you could purchase this game for a measly $5. You would gladly shell out $40-50 from your hard-earned lawnmowing income for the chance to play this exhilarating, superbly-polished platform shooter into the wee hours of the morning on your Sega Genesis. Veks & Silence is my current nomination for best XBLIG ever created, especially when it comes to overall production value, which is probably of higher quality than just about anything in the aforementioned indie or Genesis libraries. This game doesn't just sport sleek environments and characters, it's a legitimately engaging experience that oozes personality out of every pore. From the oh-so-cheeky cutscenes and dialogue to the strangely endearing paper-bag-masked protagonist, this game captures all of the quirky joys of zombie genocide.

Of course, there's a litany of titles littered throughout the annals of gaming history that merely looked shiny, but as my personal mantra goes, gameplay trumps all. All the slick graphics in the world can't save a crappy game, but that's certainly not the case here, as the fun of destroying legions of the undead is well-preserved.


Veks is equipped with a pistol, shotty, minigun and sniper rifle and an unlimited supply of bombs, which gives you an ample arsenal for dispatching throngs of zombies. Each weapon varies in power, effective range, firing rate and affects your characters' movements differently, allowing you to alternatively run n' gun or bunker down as the situation demands. You also earn Rage tokens for shredding 10 zombies in a row with the same gun, so you must choose your weapon wisely to suit your present environment if you want to wield the power of supernatural bloodlust and temporary invincibility/insanity. Rest assured, this is an epic, side-scrolling, double-jumping, platforming, bloodbath of fun.

There really isn't a single fault that I can find with this game: The weapons are useful and have distinct uses; The gore is gratuitous; The controls are solid; The artwork is top-notch; Veks & Silence even offers 13 levels in single player, plus another 11 for the extremely challenging survival mode. What's not to love about all that?

Do yourself a favor- grab this game immediately and take your new pal Veks out for a zany zombie massacre. You won't regret it.


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