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Not Worth the Points

Another Bland Breakout Clone

There isn't really much to say about Bust a Wall- if you've ever picked up an Atari joystick and played Breakout (or any subsequent port of it in the last three decades), you're not in for much of a surprise here. A spot in one of the opening screens excitedly promotes this game as “OLD!”, which is 100% accurate. Unlike any of the dozens of variants of this game that offer powerups such as multi-ball, sticky paddle, or lazer guns to spice up gameplay, this version is plain, old Breakout. Sure, the graphics are a little slicker and there's a cool little tracer effect that trails behind the ball, but otherwise you won't find anything of note here.

Now maybe I'm jaded from playing so many different versions of this game... after all, Breakout is one of my favorite old-school arcade games. However, there just isn't much of anything that differentiates this title from any other clone of the original. Bust a Wall claims to have over 30 levels, but honestly, I was already getting bored of playing before the trial time expired. I guess if you have a kid who missed out on the 'classic gaming' era this might be worth a buck. For anyone who's played the original or wants a little more excitement, I suggest checking out a brick-busting clone with a little more variety, such as bricks4ever.

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