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Worth the Points

Puttin' the 'Hip' Back into 'Shipping'

Lately, the perplexing trend in casual games involves turning repetitive, nondescript, and otherwise mundane (or completely shitty) real-life jobs into games that somehow, people seem to enjoy. Seriously, there's a captive audience that just fucking LOVES tending fake farms, flipping virtual burgers, running imaginary sweatshops and feeding digital fish. Ok, I made one of those up. Well, I mean, it doesn't exist... yet. But I digress.


Anyways, in such a bizarro gaming environment, I would hardly expect a title based on warehouse work to win me over. Not after personally working in three different, yet equally soul-crushing warehouses in real life. In fact, the only reason I even checked this title out was sheer morbid curiosity- “A fucking shipping and receiving GAME,” I mused to myself upon seeing very Bob the Builder-esque cover of Storage Inc.. “Gotta be the absolute worst idea ever.” Or so I believed...


In actuality, this game is an incredibly captivating, logistical variant of Tetris. You can play solo or with up to three of your pals in co-op mode- either way, all the diligent little worker bees must buzz around the dock, loading, unloading, bumping and stacking crates along the way.

You and your forklift friends are tasked with all the demands of shipping and receiving, complete with a timer and schedules. Each crate has a countdown til it must hit a certain outgoing dock, so your primary goal is to arrange them in the nooks and crannies so they're easily accessible when it's time for them to go. Meanwhile, you must also keep incoming docks clear for deliveries, otherwise you'll lose a life. In a room full of crates where the clock's always ticking, you'll be scooting around in your forklift like a madman, which is a pretty authentic simulation of the warehouse experience.

With tight controls and 100 levels of controlled mayhem, Storage Inc. is a riveting puzzle adventure that requires careful planning, quick reflexes and a bit of spontaneity when you're squeezed for space. You get all the fun! (Optional soul-crushing not included.)


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